Our Expertise

We build long-term, low risk and low cost investment portfolios to provide future income with a high degree of certainty.

Unique Strategy


Our Plans follow a strategy known as "asset-liability matching." It is used extensively by life insurance companies and some pension funds. It is highly beneficial to individuals - yet difficult to access independently. 



There is complete disclosure and transparency of our fees and all other related costs involved in providing service to our Clients. 

Unlike other financial institutions, an invoice is delivered to the Client for services provided by SISS. 

Independent Research   


Our Clients benefit from economic research and investment ideas generally utilized only by pension plans.

Independent Advice


We serve as intermediary between the broker and the Client, following up on transactions, negotiating lower prices and discounting commissions.

​We are not financially connected to the advice we provide. 



We develop individualized retirement plans for each client, taking into account their personal circumstances. 


Once the Plan is implemented, our recommendations are specific to the needs of each client.




Low-Cost Method


SISS provides a low-cost method of investing that minimizes brokerage costs, investment management fees and other costs.


There is no minimum account size for individuals that SISS 

accepts as Clients.